Traders, your connection shouldn't be
as volatile as the price action.

RPC & Geyser servers tailored to your low-latency requirements.

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Unlock the Edge You Need to Thrive On-chain

Our cutting-edge technology and expert support ensures high-speed and secure operations for your on-chain defi setup.

Dedicated Tailored Servers

Trade reliably with the lowest possible latency. Geyser provides up to 400ms improved read latency over regular RPC nodes.

Shred-streaming Validators, powered by Jito

Local shred streaming means blockchain data arrives faster. Get priority routes for your transactions via well-staked validators, MEV-ready. We don't send tx through the well staked validators (yet). The staked validators allow for streaming grpc with lower latency.

Trusted, Secure, & Fast RPC Nodes

Real-time data streaming plus improved read-latency allow you to see account changes within the current slot. Geyser plugins provide the fastest possible configuration for arbitrage and other trading strategies.

Better swaps, quicker execution

Your PTC allows you to run Jupiter's swap API locally, skip the bouncing back and forth.

No simulation lag, it just works

Shared infrastructure is subject to demand. Jitos API runs locally so you can run simulations without lag.

How Does it (MEV) Work?

Jito has created a unique relationship between Solana blockchain and it's validators. Our global network of trusted RPC nodes and tailored trading servers will help benefit both the trader and the staker within the ecosystem.

Unlock Speed & Reliability for On-chain Trading

Traders pay to access custom RPC & Geyser servers tuned specifically for low-latency reads & writes.

Stake & Earn

Stakeholders get traditional rewards plus a shared of the access fee paid by traders using the service.

Everything you need for
fast on-chain data & execution

Gain a trading edge and discover new ways to navigate and execute on-chain.

What’s included

  • The lowest possible latency and priority routes when well-staked validators, RPC nodes, and trading servers are running in the same data center.
  • Up to 400ms improved read latency compared to regular RPC nodes due to fast hardware and data retransmissions from validators.
  • A federated network of validators to aggregate validators cumulative stake.
  • See account changes within the current slot with real-time data streaming.
  • Fastest possible configuration for arbitrage and other trading strategies.
  • Stakeholders receive multiple sources of rewards, including traditional staking rewards.
  • Geyser plugins for real-time account streaming.

Many hands make light work.
We're here for the long haul.

Whether it's through the provision of custom RPC servers for operators or hosted access to custom APIs, we work with many blockchain projects in order to help further the ecosystem.


We stepped up to help the Solana defi ecosystem after FTX failed. Our reliable, dedicated RPC infrastructure powers many OpenBook market cranks.


We are a proud vendor for The Pyth Data Association and many of the Pyth Publishers on Solana. We are also a vital infrastructure provider for Pythnet.


We contribute as a Wormhole guardian operating over 20+ nodes for different blockchains to help keep the bridge functioning with reliable data.


We helped Metaplex validate their Compressed NFT read API standard. The API is available on our shared RPC service as well as our dedicated instances!